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Product name

Evaporative Condenser

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1.1. It is a new generation of energy-efficient evaporative condenser independently developed by Oceanair;
1.2. The use of a special-section oval heat exchanger tube helps form an even water film, thus avoiding the formation of dry points and offering a larger effective heat transfer area;
1.3. The axial flow fan set on the top of the condenser tube unit helps offer even airflow, and the negative pressure formed in the tank helps reduce the evaporating temperature of water to deliver excellent heat transfer performance;
1.4. The large-sized clog-free nozzle and properly designed water spray system ensure that an even water film is formed outside of the condenser tube unit, thus helping maximize the heat transfer efficiency of the condenser;
1.5. The condenser is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards for pressure vessels. Three 2.5MPa pressure tests are conducted during the process of assembling heat exchanger tubes into the condenser tube unit;
1.6. In terms of corrosion protection, the condenser tube unit is integrally hot galvanized. The control panel is made of premium aluminum zinc-plated steel plate. All fasteners are made of stainless steel.
1.7. The premium efficient water collector helps maintain the drift loss of water at only 5ppm, thus greatly reducing the amount of water refill of the condenser;
1.8. The multi-loop condenser tube unit helps reduce the flow resistance of refrigerant fluids;
1.9. The condenser is easy to maintain. The lower section of the condenser is enclosed by air inlet grilles easy to dismantle to ensure easy access to the condenser for inspection.

Unit Cold Heat Range:

Cooling capacity: 250 kW—3000kW


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