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Stock Code:831870   Tel: +86-535-3463333  +864001010276   E-mail:

We are Proud of You, Our Motherland China

We are Proud of You, Our Motherland China

Company news
2019/09/29 19:20

  Peoples' Republic of China will have her 70 years anniversaries in the coming Oct 01,2019, which is really one of the greatest event in China this year and will be also greatest event in Chinese history, we Yantai Oceanair Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd will celebrate this great event with all Chinese together.

Nowadays China has been the top 2 strongest country in the world, more and more China-Made equipments and products exported to more overseas countries, no matter its developing or developed countries. And President Xi Jinping has launched the most exciting and activating news—the Belt and Road Initiatives to the whole world, which will bring chances specially to the countries of the Belt and Road.

We Yantai Oceanair Refrigeration Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Co., Ltd. will take full use of this Initiatives to promote our Oceanair brand HVAC-R (heating,ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) to more and more countries on the basis of our previous exported countries such as South East, Latin America, African countries.
We are all growing together with our great motherland China. Longevity, China! 
                               By International Business Dept.
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