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Sea water pump—seas cucumber mariculture farm, Changxing Island, Dalian

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Detailed introduction

The project requires sea water of appropriate temperature (about 17℃) for the aquaculture of sea cucumbers. The temperature of water source (100 m deep well) is 12℃ and the water saltness is similar as sea water saltness. The temperature of sea water (≧2℃) which is used is improved to 17℃through the heat pump set.


The water source and water which is used are all sea water, the sea water is heated through Oceanair heat pump. To maximally reduce the initial cost and operating cost, it adopts secondary heat exchange. In cold winter, the sea water will be put into the mariculture pool when its temperature is increased as per the requirements through the plate type heat exchangers (successive heat exchanges with the deep well water and heat pumps). When the sea water temperature is coldest in winter(2℃), it needs 933KW; the SNHPUK-940 water source heat pump’s heating capacity is 939.4KW, and refrigerating capacity is 866.5KW, which can meet the requirements. The system is running well at present.

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