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Product name

Cryogenic Refrigeration Unit

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1.1.The unit may operate at low, medium and high temperatures cold storage/cold room, and may also work at the minimum evaporating temperature of -45℃;
1.2.A wide range of environmentally-friendly refrigerants may be used;
1.3.Capable of supplying cool sources for food processing, refrigeration, quick-freezing industry etc.;
1.4.The use of multiple international well-known brand semi-hermetic compressors arranged in parallel ensures reliable and flexible operation, high effectiveness and enhanced energy efficiency;
1.5.The advanced control program for microcomputers from Oceanair Industry (HK) Co., Ltd. offers powerful functions and stable performance;
1.6.The unit has a user-friendly English color touch screen interface;
1.7.The complete safety protection function enables the unit to work in a safe and stable way;
1.8.The selection of premium raw materials and spare parts ensures the quality of the chiller.
1.9.By customer’s requirements, we supply cold storage refrigeration unit, cold room refrigeration unit, industrial refrigeration units, room refrigeration units, refrigeration equipment, low temperature refrigeration unit, evaporative refrigeration unit, air-cooled refrigeration unit, water-cooled refrigeration unit ,industrial refrigeration units etc.

2.0.We supply design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, maintainance, consultance and good after-sales service.

Unit Cold Heat Range:

Cooling Capacity: 27kw—1360kw


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