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Stock Code:831870   Tel: +86-535-3463333  +864001010276   E-mail:

Yantai Oceanair Attended 2018 API China Exhibition Successfully

Yantai Oceanair Attended 2018 API China Exhibition Successfully

Company news
2018/11/08 14:33

Yantai Oceanair Attended 2018 API China Exhibition Successfully

On Oct. 17-19th, 2018, The 22nd CHINA-PHARM & the 81st API China Exhibition were together held in Nanjing International Expo Center.

Our shown low temperature evaporative falling film brine chiller in exhibition represents the advanced and energy-saving new technology in current refrigeration & air conditioning industry. Its’ remarkable features are as follows, the first one is higher efficiency. Its’ efficiency is raised by 10% than that of flooded type. The second feature is low quantity of filling refrigerant, its’ quantity of filling refrigerant is only half and two-thirds of flooded type. The third feature is that it’s more concise to return oil. This chiller is free from fluctuation of refrigerant level and easy oil return, which prolong the life of compressor.

Since the chiller was put into market, the operation is stable and reliable, the effectiveness of energy-saving is remarkable, which is much more favored by customers. During the exhibition, we all received nearly 60 priority clients from pharmaceutical and chemical industry inclusive the customers from the Vietnam, Bangladesh and other places, with dozens of intention customers.



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