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Stock Code:831870   Tel: +86-535-3463333  +864001010276   E-mail:

Yantai Oceanair Cold Storage Project Exported to Philippines Was Delivered and Used Successfully

Yantai Oceanair Cold Storage Project Exported to Philippines Was Delivered and Used Successfully

Company news
2018/06/06 17:23

On May 2018, The installation and debugging of the Manila Cold Storage Project exported and installed by Yantai Oceanair in Philippines was successfully completed, which was inspected qualified one time and delivered for use successfully. Our Company was responsible for organizing and implementing this project from engineering design and equipment manufacturing to installation and debugging on site.  

This project was low temperature refrigerated storage for seafood, the temperature of which was requested to -20℃ and the engineer installation and debugging lasted for one month. Manila belongs to typical monsoon climate only with two seasons in a year, annual average temperature is 28, it is hot and humid from November to June of next year. But our company project constructors overcome the hot weather, Dietary environment discrepancy and time pressure. The project was completed successfully in middle of May 2018 at last.

After the completeness of the installation, The refrigerated storage temperature reduced to -20in a short run period, which met customers requirement. The refrigeration unit use the PLC automatic control and was equipped with energy adjust device, so it can be adjusted to the best operating condition automatically by the change of cold storage load, enhancing the effectiveness and saving the energy. Meanwhile the compressor loading or unloading can be adjusted automatically according to the suction pressure and the current terminal temperature of the cold storage, which utilized the energy effectively. The customer was deeply satisfied with the stable operation and energy saving of the refrigeration system.

The cold storage extra picture before construction
The cold storage inner picture before construction
Evaporative condenser location and installation on site
The air cooler installation on site   The connection of refrigeration unit and evaporativecondenser  
The refrigeration location and installation on site
The temperature of the thermostat in the electric control cabinetof the unit during the system debugging operation

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