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Stock Code:831870   Tel: +86-535-3463333  +864001010276   E-mail:

Yantai Oceanair assisted HVAC products exhibited itinerantly in Hohhot— Oceanair interprets comfortable life for you

Yantai Oceanair assisted HVAC products exhibited itinerantly in Hohhot— Oceanair interprets comfortable life for you

Company news
2018/05/15 15:56

On Apr.16th,2018, The six station of“Huicong HVAC 2018 And Comfortable Home Products Exhibition Itinerantly In Nation And Products Technical Seminar”held together by,,,, and came to Hohhot Inner Mongolia. This itinerant exhibition was aimed to help enterprise expand market, develop customers and search for potential business opportunity. Also to organize the forefront technology training and diversified products display for engineers and distributors, so as to set up communication bridges for industry, enterprises and merchants. Oceanair sales director Mr. Yu Qingquan brought participants the leading edge of air-cooled heat pump technology and product introduction on site.

The first picture:Oceanair Sales Director was giving the introduction on site

Yantai Oceanair leading products include underground water source heat pumps, sewage source heat pumps, seawater source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, low and medium temperature water chillers etc. Oceanair established a product performance testing center with the domestic advanced level to perform performance testing for various products, such as low temperature water chiller, other water chillers and water source heat pump units etc. in -35℃ cold water to 120℃ hot water, and the center has been granted the certification by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Compressor and Refrigeration Equipment.

The second picture:The popular participants on site

Mr. Yu Qingquan introduced the features and technical parameters of Oceanair low temperature air-cooled heat pump unit and ultralow air-cooled heat pump unit. The low temperature air-cooled heat pump unit made by Oceanair can effectively operate in the low temperature of -20℃ in stability.

The third picture: Oceanair participant representatives were communicating with customers on site

Oceanair model ultralow air-cooled heat pump unit is especially designed for cold regions in Northeast, Northwest and North China, which overcome the barriers the unit unable to operate at ultralow temperature. The special defrost mode guarantees unit output quantity of heat in stability. Therefore, the unit can operate at the lowest temperature of -33℃ instead of heating by electricity.

The forth picture:The customers was communicating with Oceanair representative about technology on site

The technology of ultralow air-cooled heat pump unit explained by Oceanair obtained the acceptance of most distributors in the activity. In future, Oceanair will continue to provide comfortable life for people and create multiple values for partners. Oceanair makes your life comfortable.


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